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Putting the restoration business out of business.

What is a performance hero? It's a car that does exactly what it says on the tin. The best example in its class when it comes to performance, driving thrills and the ownership experience. It's a car that provides pleasure not just to the driver and owner, but the entire family. From GTs, sports cars and super saloons to trackday cars and even off-roaders. Performance heroes are the cars we love to drive, cherish and sometimes just sit there and look at.

At Performance Heroes our mission is simple: we sellsource, prepare, service and preserve the finest examples of modern performance cars without any compromise whatsoever. In doing so we put you, the customer, at the heart of the experience. We're not just mechanics or salespeople, we're drivers, enthusiasts and car nuts. We get just as excited as you talking about, looking for, working on and driving these incredible machines.


See exactly what we mean in our film here.



Transparency, trust and technical expertise.



Storage, valeting, detailing, finance, sourcing and more...


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