Image by Joshua Koblin

Buying a new car is often a challenging and time consuming process. What should be an exciting and fun experience often results in endless hours spent in a soulless, corporate showroom and even more time trying to get through a call centre should you need to follow up with the salesman.


There is also a good chance that you will probably know more about the car you are looking to buy than the people in the dealer network. Even worse, it’s highly unlikely that the true enthusiast owner will ever get the opportunity to have a proper fun chat with a true enthusiast dealer. 


Performance Heroes can help remove the pain of this sometimes frustrating process. Organising visits to dealers, getting the right advice around specification and finance takes long hours you probably don’t have. A simple call to us provides you with a level of service you quite rightly expect but can rarely remember receiving. We aim to put the fun back into buying a new car.


Though our network of partners we can source, finance and arrange delivery of virtually all UK new car models. We can and also arrange part exchange of your existing car should you need it.


For more information, either drop us an e-mail with your requirements or even better, pick up the phone to Barney or Marcus; we promise that we don’t have a call centre!