What do we mean by preventive maintenance?

Simply put, most classic car restoration work could have been prevented. How? By taking the right maintenance measures at the right time, before they become problems. We take a proactive approach and based on our extensive experience, we know what to address and when.

We're firm believers in the mantra that the cheapest form of maintenance is preventive maintenance.

From corrosion removal, fabrication and sealing with Waxoil or Tectyl ML to the replacement of parts for upgraded options (particularly things like bearings, oil seals, valve stems and other 'achilles heels', for example), we'll ensure your performance hero becomes a classic hero.


The Process

It all starts with a thorough inspection on the ramp. Often, there can be corrosion hiding behind sills, in between metal parts or on various hard to reach surfaces. A seemingly innocent oil leak can be a sign of something more sinister. We look through your car thoroughly to then refresh the parts others can't reach.

Upon completion of our inspection, you'll be provided with a detailed report on the issues that need to be addressed now, those that can wait until the next service and the ones that only need to be observed for the moment. This gives you a completely transparent view of the state of your performance hero and allows you to budget accordingly over time.

The Result

Once we've addressed the mechanical and cosmetic issues your performance hero may have, it won't just look, feel and drive better, it'll be a better investment as well. Future proofing is an effective way to retain or even increase the value of your performance car.

To enhance your history file, we provide comprehensive photo and video documentation of various measures taken, such as addressing corrosion and cavity waxing, for example. This means that if you do decide to sell your car, you can point towards fastidious care and attention to detail, positioning your performance hero at the top of the market. We'll also be happy to sell your car for you as well.