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Putting the restoration business out of business

When a car passes to its second owner and is around 3-4 years old, it enters the most dangerous period of its life. The manufacturer’s service schedule is just not suitable to ensure the right level of care is applied to ensure the car seamlessly transitions from modern performance icon to classic car status in A1 condition. Future proofing ensures your car reaches classic status in the best possible condition and protects long term originality and value.

That's our aim at Performance Heroes: to put the restoration business out of business.

It's not the only thing we do, however. We take the medium to long-term view and that means we provide everything from routine servicing to specialised tuning, upgrading and other maintenance. We offer an ownership programme of preventive work that ensures those big invoices and nasty surprises are avoided. Explore our services below to see what we can do for you and your performance hero.

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